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Worth Sharing - October 2019

October 22, 2019
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I consume a lot of content daily, may it be blog-posts podcasts, non-fiction books, fiction books, youtube video, video courses, audiobooks and many more.

Those contents are about very different topics, from drawing, to self productivity, writing, programming, computer science, photography or anything I find particularly interesting at the moment.

For the past year, I tried to be more aware of the content I consume and started saving in a list of everything that resonated with me particularly.

These are some of the content I consumed in october that I enjoyed the most and feel like are worth sharing!

The Actor model explained by its inventor

If you are familiar with the Actor model concept from Erlang, Elixir or Akka (scala) or this is the first time you hear about it, this (funny and entertaining) video is worth watching to better undertand a great programming model and way of thinking

Interview with James Clear and Cal Newport

When two authors of books I enjoyed such as Atomic Habits and Deep Work talk about how their theories complement each other I’m all ears.

The discussion is interesting and enjoyable if you are interested in self-improvement and how habits can help us become a better version of ourselves even if you haven’t read the books


Microservices Orchestration vs Choreography

This article strikes the balance in explaining two common patterns to deal with microservices without diving too much into technical details


Subforms in React

In this article, the author focuses on a common pitfall when dealing with reusable components, forms, and partial forms and how to deal with them


Behind the scene of filming a Pizzeria’s video commercial

Cool tricks and techniques while filming combined with proper editing allow the viewer to get sucked into the content, this is why I love to see behind the scenes and commentary about the how’s and why of video making

Phoenix LiveView 6 months later

When Phoenix LiveView was first presented it looked cool but still felt hacky to me, this video shows the progresss made in the past months, I was blown away by what the project was able to achieve


I found most of these content just because of others shared them, by sharing these myself I hope that someone else can find and enjoy them as much I did

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