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How I Start New Go Projects in Seconds

09 March 2020

For the past years, I’ve started using more and more golang as a scripting language, and since in the past we were forced to put code in the…

1 min read

How to Build a Textual Progress Bar for CLI and Terminal Apps

06 March 2020

I find textual interfaces extremely interesting and I’m trying to figure out how some common components can be creates this is the time of a…

3 min read

How to Show Colored Text in Terminal?

03 March 2020

There are many things that we see and use every day but rarely we stop and think “how does it work?”, other times we ask ourselves that…

2 min read

Why I Created a Playlist on Spotify every month for the past 5 years

10 November 2019

image credit: Mohammad Metri Some people love to carefully craft playlists, I’m by no means one of them. I listen in mostly shuffle-mode…

1 min read

Opening a Folder and File in Vscode from Terminal

08 November 2019

VSCode offers the command ( for the beta channel) to open files and folders from terminal these are some possible usage: open a single…

2 min read

Worth Sharing - October 2019

22 October 2019

I consume a lot of content daily, may it be blog-posts podcasts, non-fiction books, fiction books, youtube video, video courses, audiobooks…

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Daily random knowledge from Wikipedia

16 October 2019

In the past few weeks I’ve added an interesting new “todo” to my morning routine: to read Wikipedia’s Main page This page is updated every…

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Disable VScode typescript alias in rename refactoring

27 May 2019

Since typescript 3.4 a setting has been implemented into tsserver that makes refactoring > rename create an alias in the local scope insted…

6 min read

Counting Visits and adblockers

05 May 2019

Nowadays a lot of users use some kind of adblocker, personally, I use uBlock origin. It this just for ads right? Well, no, most adblocker…

1 min read

chrome inspect tooltip on hover

10 April 2019

Hey firefox/safari/other-browser users, Chrome 73 introduced a fantastic feature that allow to easily see computed styles to the element…

1 min read

fix chrome flexbox layouts in chrome 72, 73+

10 April 2019

Chrome 72 introduced a change in how flexbox elements with renders, that caused some strange product breakage from one day to another…

1 min read

high performance graphql-to-sql queries

10 April 2019

Recently I was thinking about the fact that graphql resolvers are not designed to “know” where the data is coming from,thus is not possible…

1 min read

graphql-playground schema auto-update

10 April 2019

So… you just changed some things in you graphql schema, triggered autompletion with 200 times and still don’t see the new/edited field…

1 min read

install missing TS typings for dependencies

10 April 2019

TypeSync is a tool that scans your and install missing TypeScript typings for installed dependencies typesync more info: https://github.com…

1 min read

yarn upgrade-interactive

10 April 2019

Yarn has a built-in interactive way to upgrade dependencies showing a bunch of important information about the package tip: using —latest…

1 min read

don't use git stash pop

09 April 2019

image credit: ancientking Why? A git is a very powerful concept, it’s like Harry Potter’s Room of Requirement for your code, you throw it…

2 min read

Using Custom Terminal Functions

27 February 2019

Did you know you can declare a custom function to use in your terminal? There’s dozens of operations you perform daily in your terminal that…