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Daily random knowledge from Wikipedia

October 16, 2019
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In the past few weeks I’ve added an interesting new “todo” to my morning routine: to read Wikipedia’s Main page

This page is updated every day to show a Featured article, facts happened the same day in the past, some Did you know interesting events and a Featured Image with a detailed caption.

This allows me to know a lot of interesting pieces of information every day with little to no effort, the best part is that I get to know facts I would probably never search for otherwise.

A couple of days ago I started reading a fact about Lincoln and link after link I read very interesting stuff related to the White House

Did you know every new president have a budget of $100.000 to changes things in the White House?

President Obama built a basketball court for example.

Did you know the President’s desk in the Oval Office was a gift from Queen Victoria and was built from the timbers coming from a British Ship that the USA helped recover in the Artic?

fun fact

Italian’s main page is different from the English one.

we have:

  • born and dead anniversaries
  • holidays
  • no detailed description for the image of the day
  • a single Did you know
  • a call to action to translate a page not yet available in Italian
  • a book of the Month from Wikisource
  • a destination of the Month from Wikivoyage


Most of these are far from being must know pieces of information but I enjoy getting to know more about the world I live in

Especially if It’s one click away.

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